Website design and support

Website design and support is currently recognized as one of the most important principles of success in digital marketing and business development.

Business owners who traditionally sell and market their products may find website design and support as a waste of money, and they will certainly never invest in it as long as they think so. Nevertheless, as time goes on and they see their competitors one by one investing in digital marketing and creating social media portals, they will realize that investing in digital marketing is one of the most important principles of any business development.

An important point to consider regarding the above items is the time to decide commencing digital marketing and the subsequent continuous design and support of the website. Certainly, the more time businesses spend on the website-related affairs, the more credible they will be, and in comparison, the more visitors will give weight to the older business.


“Infinity Digital Marketing Company”, as a leading enterprise in the field of digital marketing services, offers design and support services for a variety of websites in its digital marketing portfolio, using the high potential and expertise of professionals in this field.

In general, the website of any business plays a role as the main reference and support of that business, and activities in other social networks should be carried out relying on the content of the website.

At Infinity Digital Marketing Company, we are ready to design all kinds of websites and CMSs with any programming language and with the most optimal settings and SEO principles according to the mental image and taste of our customers as well as the standard related principles and rules in the world.

Our Services

Digital Marketing
- Google AdWords
- Pay-Per-Click Advertising
- E-Mail Marketing
- Extensive international advertising
- Extensive domestic advertising inside the desired country
- Producing promotional video clips
- Back-links and Reportage-based advertisement
- Producing promotional motion graphics
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Website design and management services
- Design and implementation of all website types and content management systems (CMSs)
- Design and implementation of exclusive scripts
- SEO optimization and promotion
- Website translation (multilingual website)
- Website management
- Writing dedicated articles to improve SEO
- Speed improvement and optimization
- Increasing security
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Social media services (social networks)
- Management of social media portals
- Attracting followers and audiences
- Activation of social media portals
- Targeted content production for social media
- Graphic content design
- Production of a dedicated motion logos
- Production of standard start of clips
- Production of standard ending of clips
- Production of music dedicated for the motion logos
- Production of clips in different languages
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Website design and support