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There are many definitions of digital marketing in print and web-based sources. However, in general, digital marketing can be defined as the marketing of products and services by any electronic device or tool.

Most people today spend a lot of time in cyberspace, sometimes even more than we spend our time in real space, surfing cyberspace and social networks with our mobile phone or computer.
The above explanation shows the importance of cyberspace for businesses. If it is desired to compare businesses and the corresponding selling procedures of real space with those of cyberspace, the following items can be pointed:

Time limitation

Selling in a store traditionally depends a lot on time. Hence, if you do not have an active presence in the store environment during peak sales hours due to factors such as boredom, busyness, etc., you will certainly suffer a large reduction in sales. However, selling in cyberspace does not depend on time, and businesses can sell at any time of the day, week or month.

Need to a salesman

The amount of sales in the store is directly related to the power of the seller, and if the seller cannot properly explain about the products and justify the buyer, he/she cannot succeed in selling. This is while in a virtual store, it is enough to present and explain the product only once, and then the users will buy the product only by seeing the description, image or clip introducing it.


In general, to start a business in the traditional way, business owners have to spend money on things like renting a place, buying furniture and equipment, hiring staff, supplying products and beautifying the place. However, to start a business virtually, you only need to pay for renting a domain and a host and, website or social network design, then supplying the product or service and advertising, which is very negligible compared to the cost of creating a business in the traditional way.

Location restrictions

A traditional business has a limited space, for example, a sales center/mall or service agency can only sell in the area close to its location, and if it is well known, the customers can refer there from different parts of the city. However, in the digital marketing community, the audience of your business is not limited to your neighbors or fellow citizens, and a business can even have sales worldwide if properly planned and the principles of digital marketing are adhered.

Given the above explanation, this need should be identified by any business desiring to sell more as well as be seen more.

If you want to expose your business to cyberspace and have your strong presence in it, you can take advantage of our free consultation and take your steps to achieve this goal correctly.

Our Services

Digital Marketing
- Google AdWords
- Pay-Per-Click Advertising
- E-Mail Marketing
- Extensive international advertising
- Extensive domestic advertising inside the desired country
- Producing promotional video clips
- Back-links and Reportage-based advertisement
- Producing promotional motion graphics
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Website design and management services
- Design and implementation of all website types and content management systems (CMSs)
- Design and implementation of exclusive scripts
- SEO optimization and promotion
- Website translation (multilingual website)
- Website management
- Writing dedicated articles to improve SEO
- Speed improvement and optimization
- Increasing security
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Social media services (social networks)
- Management of social media portals
- Attracting followers and audiences
- Activation of social media portals
- Targeted content production for social media
- Graphic content design
- Production of a dedicated motion logos
- Production of standard start of clips
- Production of standard ending of clips
- Production of music dedicated for the motion logos
- Production of clips in different languages
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