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The process of managing social networks is known as active presence in such social media as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, which is closely associated with creating, publishing and analyzing content.

Social media management also involves interacting and engaging with social media users.
A social media manager is professional in marketing, advertising and social media management.

Advantages of social media management:

  • It is cost effective.
  • Joining social media networks, posting content, responding to user comments, and more are free to the public.
  • Advertising on social media by a channel in order to access the audiences and create an online follower has a high efficiency.
  • Social media, from Facebook to LinkedIn, can connect you with users around the world.
  • Integrating social media into your marketing strategy allows you to align your marketing initiatives with user behavior.
  • Everyone who is active in marketing or owns a business agrees with advertising on social media.
  • Through social media, companies can build brands and even increase their sales.
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Types of Social Media Platforms:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. Linkedin
  5. YouTube
  6. Pinterest

In general, social media management focuses on the following:

  • Auditing strategy of existing social media
  • Research on target audiences
  • Choosing social media platforms
  • Creating media strategy
  • Designing social media advertising profiles
  • Building a content writing calendar
  • Creating platform-specific content
  • Responding to followers
  • Increasing social acces
  • Monitoring performance of social media platforms

Duties of Social Network Manager:

  • Examining your social media goals
  • Ensuring your brand consistency with social media networks
  • Collecting social media metrics, such as number of followers, interaction rates and so on
  • Analyzing social media metrics to find trends, such as content priorities
  • Examining the presence of competitors on social media

Goals are very important. What does your business desire to achieve with social media? Do you want to create more brand awareness among consumers or build customer loyalty to your brand? Or, is there another goal you are looking for?

Social media management

Social media management

Some other advertising features to look for when managing social media are as follows:

  • Audiences community
  • Media
  • Content
  • Interaction with the audiences
  • Cost per click

These items are of the most important factors that will affect your success.

By choosing Infinity Digital Marketing Company to manage your social networks, you can choose different plans according to your budget. You may also have higher or lower social media management costs, depending on your business.

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Digital Marketing
- Google AdWords
- Pay-Per-Click Advertising
- E-Mail Marketing
- Extensive international advertising
- Extensive domestic advertising inside the desired country
- Producing promotional video clips
- Back-links and Reportage-based advertisement
- Producing promotional motion graphics
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Website design and management services
- Design and implementation of all website types and content management systems (CMSs)
- Design and implementation of exclusive scripts
- SEO optimization and promotion
- Website translation (multilingual website)
- Website management
- Writing dedicated articles to improve SEO
- Speed improvement and optimization
- Increasing security
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Social media services (social networks)
- Management of social media portals
- Attracting followers and audiences
- Activation of social media portals
- Targeted content production for social media
- Graphic content design
- Production of a dedicated motion logos
- Production of standard start of clips
- Production of standard ending of clips
- Production of music dedicated for the motion logos
- Production of clips in different languages
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